Trademarks Protection In Egypt


Business is conducted at MONA BAKIR & SON OFFICE by a number of high caliber, dedicated employees who, in turn to employ a systematic, fully automated computer network which enables us to achieve our goal of reaching the utmost client's satisfaction, MONA BAKIR & SON OFFICE has many patent attorneys who have a great wealth of experience and expertise with the practice of Trademark examination at the Egyptian Trademark Office, and will therefore provide clients with excellent services.

Trademark Search

Searches play an important role in preventing rejections and shedding light on your branding strategy. Thereby saving potentially significant unforeseeable costs, before you file a trademark application, we kindly recommend a thorough availability search.

Trademark Search Services

Prior Trademark Search

If another party has a prior registration which is identical or a similar trademark to the current application, the current application will not be approved for registration. Namely the first applicant of a trademark is entitled to exclusive right. Therefore, it is suggested that a trademark search be conducted before filing an application.

Trademark Status Check

In addition, MONA BAKIR & SON OFFICE also offers an information search of trademark application and/or registration, etc. By looking through the official register and files at the Egyptian Trademark Office. We also make a market survey to determine the status of the Trademark.

Trademark Right

Once a trademark has been registered, the applicant is entitled to the exclusive rights to use the registered mark on the Goods/Services of the registration. If a third party uses a trademark which is identical or similar to the registered trademark, it will be considered an infringement of the trademark right. In that case, a demand to stop the use of the mark in question can also be made. Claims for damages against the infringer then can be made.

Preparing And Submission Of Arguments And Amendments

If the application doesn't meet the conditions of registration, the Egyptian Trademark Office issues notice for a provisional refusal. The applicant has an opportunity to submit an argument to overcome the provisional refusal. It is most important to understand the details of the reason of the refusal and respond to it accurately. MONA BAKIR & SON OFFICE suggests the best way for registration and supports clients in obtaining trademark rights.

Opposition | Appeal For Invalidation | Appeal For Cancellation

Any person can file an opposition to overcome the decision to register with the registrar of the Egyptian Trademark Office within two months from the publishing date of the Trademark Gazette. Even after a trademark is registered, interested parties can demand an appeal for invalidation/cancellation.

Where a registered trademark has not been used in Egypt for Five consecutive years or longer by the holder from the registration date, any person can demand a trial for cancellation based on non-use. For instance, in case some prior trademarks are cited in the provisional refusal against an application, an opposition, an appeal for invalidation or cancellation can be filed against the cited marks. Then, if an appeal examiner issues a decision that the cited trademark right is revoked, the obstacle against the client's application will be resolved. In this way, MONA BAKIR & SON OFFICE gives the most appropriate advice for each case and strongly supports clients to obtain trademark rights. To the contrary, if a client's registered trademark(s) are opposed, it will be considered whether the client's trademark rights lapsing can be avoided and the best option to defend the client would be advised.