Trademarks Services In Egypt

Registration Of A Trademark In Egypt

Filing Of Trademark Application

1We translate the list of goods and services into Arabic and provide you with recommendations as to the scope of protection of your trademark in view of your business goals. We will request all needed documents and file a request for registration of your trademark and submit the application fees.

Submission Of Publication Fees

2Upon the completion of the examination, publication fees are paid & the Trademark is published in the Trademarks official gazette.

Submission Of Registration Fees

3Once the registration of your trademark has been granted, we will arrange for the payment of the registration fees and obtain the Certificate of trademark registration.

Demand For An Appeal Against The Examiner's Decision Of Refusal

In case arguments and/or amendments cannot be eliminated, a decision of refusal will be made. But, applicants can demand an appeal against the examiner's decision of refusal, when dissatisfied with the decision of the refusal. MONA BAKIR & SON OFFICE endeavors to the utmost to ensure the best results for its clients.

Your IR-Mark Has been Rejected In Egypt

In case the registration of your IR-Mark has been provisionally or finally refused in Egypt, we will conduct a preliminary analysis of the case for free. Our Trademark attorneys will take over your representation before the TMO and answer the notification of rejection. We will support you in all further steps required in overcoming all the grounds of rejection.

Analysis Of The Case

1We will analyze the notification of provisional or final rejection and provide you with a comprehensive explanation in English or French. We will make suggestions in how to overcome the rejection and estimate the chances of success to overcome the rejection. We will also provide you with an exact and transparent cost estimate of all procedures in connection with overcoming the objections.

Answer The Rejection

2We will take care of any further steps necessary to overcome all obstacles to the registration of your trademark. For example, amending the list of goods and services of your application or filing suits against cited trademarks or negotiating with your counterparts to find a out-of-court solution.

Communication Management Between You And The Trademark Office

3Our foreign and local trademark experts will manage the communication with the Examiner and report to you promptly in English until the registration of your trademark gets granted.

Prosecution Before Courts

Attorneys at law of the Legal department represent clients in connection with revocation suits against appeal decisions of refusal, infringement litigations, and other various court procedures. Patent attorneys belonging to the Trademark and Design department cooperate with attorneys at law. MONA BAKIR & SON OFFICE endeavors to the utmost to always ensure the best results for its clients.

Renewal Of Trademark Registration

Trademark rights which have been granted are valid for 10 years unless cancelled. And, they are renewable for the period of 6 months before the expiration date. MONA BAKIR & SON OFFICE, p. c. certainly administrates the renewal date of trademark registrations with a sophisticated computer system. At the appropriate time, Renewal Reminders are sent asking for instructions to either renew or remove registered trademarks before the said due date. The sophisticated computer system allows that client's important trademark rights are maintained without fail.


In addition to the above matters, MONA BAKIR & SON OFFICE, also deals with the following matters:

Transfer of rights (assignment; inheritance; merger) / Change of name /Change of address / License (exclusive license; non-exclusive license) / Pledge / Voluntary cancellation (abandonment) / Negotiation (compromise; requests for withdrawal of the trial or opposition; assignment) / Warning letters / Expert opinion on similarity of trademarks (risk for infringement) / Requests for official opinions in connection with the scope of the right.

If You Have Any Other Requests Regarding Trademarks Please Do Not Hesitate To Contact Us