Domain Names Modifications

Modifying Registration Information

Request to make any modifications must come from the administrative contact the registrant had provided MBO at the time of registration. MBO may take some additional measures to verify information for administrative reasons. All requests of modifications must be sent by email, fax, or ordinary mail.


These provisions herein are subject to change by MBO without any prior written notice to the registrant; and the revised terms and conditions as well as any additional terms and conditions shall bind the registrant after 30 days from the date of the effectuation of such changes. The registrant's continued use of any domain name registered with MBO shall constitute his acceptance of the revised and new terms and conditions. If the registrant does not agree to any of such changes, he may request the cancellation of his domain name registration. The registrant acknowledges and agrees that such cancellation will be his exclusive remedy and MBO's sole liability if he does not wish to abide by any of the changes.