Management Policy

Our Business Management Concept

As a firm of specialists in the field of intellectual property rights, we strive to utilize our knowledge and expertise accumulated over the past years to the fullest in order to effectively serve the interests of our clients. It is imperative that clients be given the right advice at the right time, that we faithfully perform tasks given to us by clients, and that we fulfill the trust and expectations of our clients.

Our Goals

As an international patent attorney firm that has played an integral role in the administration of intellectual property rights for 30 years, effectively responding to the trends of the times both in Egypt and abroad, we will continue to strive to contribute to the advancement and development of intellectual property rights around the world, and fulfill our social responsibilities.

Management Policy

As our policy mandates that work is processed upon receiving your instructions together with the necessary information, the application is filed and you are notified with all filing particulars & relevant updates at the same time.

We deliver our reports by e-mail or fax within 2 and in urgent cases within 1 day. We will provide you on request, with detailed information to required services and our prices. We look forward to receiving your enquiries!

Analysis Of The Case

1We will analyze the notification of provisional or final rejection and provide you with a comprehensive explanation in English or French. We will make suggestions in how to overcome the rejection and estimate the chances of success to overcome the rejection. We will also provide you with an exact and transparent cost estimate of all procedures in connection with overcoming the objections.

Answer The Rejection

2We will take care of any further steps necessary to overcome all obstacles to the registration of your trademark. For example, amending the list of goods and services of your application or filing suits against cited trademarks or negotiating with your counterparts to find a out-of-court solution.

Communication Management Between You And The Trademark Office

3Our foreign and local trademark experts will manage the communication with the Examiner and report to you promptly in English until the registration of your trademark gets granted.

Our Service And Complaints

Our aim is to provide a service with which you will be satisfied. However, we do realize that on some occasions your expectations may not be met or that you may have query or concern or simply dissatisfied. If any of these occur, initially please raise them with the person(s) who is your main point of contact. If you cannot resolve them for your satisfaction or would not wish to speak to the person(s) named, then please contact Mr. Abdel Wahab Moustafa so your complaint can be taken up with him.