Patent Services In Egypt

Our patent attorneys and technical specialists are experienced in all areas of client representation before the Egyptian Patent Office, patent litigation, patent prosecution, infringement avoidance, IPR portfolio management general counseling, and opinion work. We provide assistance to an extensive network of patent law firms from around the world and secure and protect the rights of their clients in Egypt. We offer patent registrations and related legal services whether you need to defend your own patent or want to proceed against another's patent:

  • Patent Application Filing (National Filing, Or Via Paris Convention, In Either English or French).
  • PCT National Phase Entry.
  • Requests For Examination.
  • Response To EPO Office Actions.
  • Payment Of All Due Fees And Annuities.
  • Translations Of Full Specification And Related Documents.
  • Change Of Name And Address Of Proprietor, Assignments.
  • Filing Opposition.
  • Filing Statements.
  • Licensing.
  • Litigation Before The IP High Court.

Patent Drafting

MONA BAKIR & SON OFFICEprovides its clients with a professional vision in this aspect; where claims, full description of the invention and drawings are drafted in compliance with the different patent laws in the world.

Validation System

We will not spare any effort to accelerate the examination procedures at the national patent offices; therefore we offer our clients:

Search Reports Analysis:

To find any granted patents for the desired applications that would be valid at the national patent offices.

Amendments On Claims:

To make the application pursuant to the national patent laws.

Follow-Up On Examination Process:

The "validation process" will be completed by issuing a granted patent.

Patent Infringement Follow-Up

Market Watch is actively and continuously conducted to alert us of any kind of infringement; thus guarantying maximum protection for your patents.

Because pharmaceutical and biotechnology patents are at an extremely high risk of infringement, MONA BAKIR & SON OFFICE P.C. has created a new service for this sector which consists of tracking and following-up any patent or data protection infringement at the local health authorities and patent offices to control and make sure of proper protection.