Events 2016

Contribution With The Japanese Patent Office

Mr. Abdel Wahab Moustafa the Managing Partner of MBO has been selected by the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) to assist them with the development of one of their recent strategic projects, the "Data Bank for Intellectual Property Information from Emerging Nations" (GLOBAL IPDB) this year.

The GLOBAL IPDB aims to compile and provide information about various intellectual property systems of East Asian, East European, Latin American, African, ASEAN and BRICs countries. The information in GLOBAL IPDB includes basic system on IP protection, how to access information of statistics, measures against counterfeits, litigation and license related information etc. The goal is to provide various helpful information for Japanese enterprises when they try to enter a market in the subject countries.

MBO has contributed with the JPO by writing many articles providing the required information about the Intellectual Property in Egypt and Africa.

These articles are:

You can find these articles in Japanese language at the following links respectively: